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A substantial resource to support your teaching of Christianity in Religious Education.

The key purpose of this resource is to help all teachers support pupils in developing their own thinking and their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. It is designed to see pupils leave school with a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice. Pupils from 4-14 explore the significant theological concepts within Christianity as part of developing their wider religious, theological and cultural literacy.

This is a two day course with the option of choosing training with or without the resources.

9.30 am - 3 pm online via Zoom

Day 1: Thursday 17th February  

Day 2: Friday 17th June 

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Colleagues who are accessing the training but already have the resources in school should choose the £125 price band. The £200 cost includes the full set of resources.

Launch of Understanding Christianity

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